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If you find that your long commute to and from work is monotonous and leaves you with a sore back, then you may wonder what auto accessories can help you enjoy your drive and increase your driving comfort. Or if you are growing tired of the appearance of your vehicle, you may want to learn how to install those new exterior auto accessories you already have your eye on. We hope you can find the answers to all of your auto accessory-related questions on this blog. We plan to post tips on how to install new automobile mirrors, how to choose an automobile window tint that protects your family from the sun's harsh rays while staying compliant with local laws, and much more. If you can't find the auto accessory information you need here, we hope you can use our resources to find the answer to your question.


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If you have a truck that is getting older, it likely does not drive like it once did. This may be the speed of the engine going down or losing more gas than it did in the past. No matter what is going on with your truck, you can do an HMMWV conversion on your truck to make it run much better. Below is information on what this conversion can do for your truck to help you if you would like to do this. There are kits that you can purchase to do this on your own, or you can hire a professional to do the conversion for you.

Install New Drive Train

During the conversion, the old drive train on your truck will be removed and then replaced with a brand-new one. The drive train is an important part of any motor vehicle as this is what provides power to the wheels. The drive train is made up of several components. The drive train also uses no power from the engine in the vehicle but instead generates power on its own. 

The components of a drive train include a transfer box, gearbox, transmission brake, front and rear wheel axles, the clutch, and front and rear propeller shaft.

Custom Transmission and Engine Tuning

Another part of a conversion is custom tuning the transmission and the engine. Tuning up the transmission will allow the transmission to shift much better. With custom tuning, you can choose the gear numbers, the low gear numbers, and much more. This means you can choose when the gears change while you are accelerating while driving. You will have to go by a guide, however, when choosing the shift points. This may be included in the user's manual for your truck.

Custom tuning the engine can help provide the best power for your truck and can also help you get better gas mileage. A custom engine tuning allows you or a mechanic to modify the engine control unit (ECU) or the combustion engine to make the engine more durable and last longer for you. 

Doing a conversion on a truck is very extensive and will take a lot of time. You will also need to have a lot of tools available to you in order to do this type of conversion. Because of this, if you are not very experienced at doing this, you should hire a mechanic to do this conversion for you. This will ensure everything is done properly. If you do it on your own and make mistakes, this could cost you a great deal of money.

Contact a company in your area that offers services like Duramax HMMWV conversions for more information.