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Answers to All of your Auto Accessory Questions

If you find that your long commute to and from work is monotonous and leaves you with a sore back, then you may wonder what auto accessories can help you enjoy your drive and increase your driving comfort. Or if you are growing tired of the appearance of your vehicle, you may want to learn how to install those new exterior auto accessories you already have your eye on. We hope you can find the answers to all of your auto accessory-related questions on this blog. We plan to post tips on how to install new automobile mirrors, how to choose an automobile window tint that protects your family from the sun's harsh rays while staying compliant with local laws, and much more. If you can't find the auto accessory information you need here, we hope you can use our resources to find the answer to your question.


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Auto Accessories To Turn Your Truck Into A Money Making Asset

Having an alternative source of income is very important, especially during the current economic crisis brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. If you own a pick-up truck, and you're considering using it for side jobs, then you should make sure that it is outfitted appropriately for work. A stock pick-up truck will be greatly improved by some accessories, a few of which are listed below.

Snow Plow — For Winter Work

One of the best ways to use your pick-up truck to generate income is to install a snowplow. With a snowplow installed on your truck, you can offer your services to residential homeowners, business owners, and small housing developments during the winter. You can drive out and clear out the parking lots and even handle private roadways, which the city might not handle. There are many HOA's that contract to privately owned snowplow services to keep their areas clear during the harsh winters.

Tire Chains — Making Sure You Don't Get Stuck

If you are going to be using your truck as a snowplow during the winters, you should also make sure to have chains installed on your tires. Even if your truck happens to be a 4-wheel drive vehicle, it would be beneficial to have tire chains installed. These chains will provide superior traction during the harsh winter weather. You will be out on the road oftentimes before the streets have been salted, so you will want to have as much traction as possible.

You can, oftentimes, purchase these snow chains from the same companies that sell snow plows. The advantage of purchasing the tire chains from the same outlet as the snowplow is that you can have them both installed at the same time and thereby ensure that each work in tandem and there will be no conflict resulting in driving trouble.

Hitch and Haul — For Wood and More

Finally, aside from plowing snow, you might want to purchase a hitch for your truck as well as a small trailer used to haul firewood. This can be another way to make some additional income. You can load up a small trailer and haul firewood to homeowners who would like to have atmospheric fires during the winter. Many people have fireplaces but do not burn wood in sufficient quantities to warrant ordering huge truckloads from commercial firewood dealers. So, you can carve out a niche delivering small loads of firewood at a nice markup.

For more ideas, reach out to a company like J & C Campers.