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Answers to All of your Auto Accessory Questions

If you find that your long commute to and from work is monotonous and leaves you with a sore back, then you may wonder what auto accessories can help you enjoy your drive and increase your driving comfort. Or if you are growing tired of the appearance of your vehicle, you may want to learn how to install those new exterior auto accessories you already have your eye on. We hope you can find the answers to all of your auto accessory-related questions on this blog. We plan to post tips on how to install new automobile mirrors, how to choose an automobile window tint that protects your family from the sun's harsh rays while staying compliant with local laws, and much more. If you can't find the auto accessory information you need here, we hope you can use our resources to find the answer to your question.


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What You Can Do To Cover The Windshield In Your RV

RV windshields are often much larger than standard cars or trucks. Covering them to keep light out, block heat, or avoid prying eyes can be challenging, but some options may fit your needs if you know where to look. 

Windshield Covers

Rv dealers often carry accessories for many different makes and models and can order parts and accessories for you. When looking for RV windshield covers, a dealer selling the RV brand that you own might be the best option. However, the cost is often higher through a dealer because they typically carry accessories made by the manufacturer. 

Branded accessories can be better quality and offer the best fit for your RV, but if you are looking for something inexpensive, this may not be the best solution. Many auto parts stores have access to RV accessories and can order parts for you, but it is essential to look carefully at the product listings to ensure the cover will fit and work the way you need it to. 

Ordering the windshield cover yourself from an online retailer is another option, and again, if you check the listing carefully, you can find covers that are made to fit your RV and have one shipped directly to your home. Be aware that custom orders may not be returnable, so take your time to ensure you get the right cover for your make and model RV when ordering. 

Privacy Curtains

Installing curtains in your RV to cover the windshield can add privacy and reduce the heat and light coming through the windshield when you are parked. Many RV manufacturers include curtains around the windshield and install them during manufacturing. However, the curtains often do not offer the same protection for the dash that RV windshield covers do.

If you use privacy curtains around the windshield of your RV, it is essential to attach all the fasteners around the top, bottom, and sides of the curtains to get the most from them. In some RVs, the curtains have snaps or hook-and-loop fasteners, so you can quickly secure them. If the curtains are not secure, you may have gaps around the edges that make them ineffective. 

For RVs spending time in storage, you may want to consider exterior RV windshield covers installed directly over the glass to protect it from damage and stop UV rays from damaging the dashboard, the seats, and the carpeting inside the unit. Pull the curtains closed as well to increase the protection and ensure that the RV remains in great shape while it is in storage or sitting in one place for an extended period.  

For more information, contact a local company that sells RV windshield covers