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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing A Remote Car Starter

Adding a remote car starter to your vehicle can make your vehicle easier to use. You will be able to warm your car up in the winter or get your vehicle cooled off in the summer. Having a remote start on your vehicle is all about convenience. If your vehicle doesn't have a remote start, you can install one. These are some common mistakes you will want to avoid when getting a remote start installed.

Mistake #1: Going Too Short With the Range

When you purchase a remote start, be sure to pay attention to the range of the remote start. This is how far away from the car you can be and still have the remote start work.

When it comes to range, you are going to want to go with a remote start with a longer range versus a shorter range. You want to go with a remote start with a longer range because environmental factors can shorten the range of your remote start.

For example, walls and windows can get in the way of your remote start. A remote car start with a longer range generally has more "transmission power" so it will be able to go through obstacles and still start up your car.

Mistake #2: Not Getting a Starter With the Right Features

When you purchase a remote car starter, you need to make sure that you purchase one with the right features. You can get a remote starter that will just start your car, or you can get one that will engage multiple other functions as well.

For example, you can add in the functionality to enter your vehicle without a key or you can add the ability to engage the defrost or turn on the heated seats. You want your vehicle to not just turn on but for the right functions to be engaged as well. This often requires a high-quality remote starter that can be customized to support multiple functions.

Mistake #3: Skipping Professional Installation

Finally, don't try to install the remote car starter on your own. Instead, purchase your remote starter from a shop that can also handle the installation for you. Installing a remote starter, especially in a newer vehicle, is a complicated process.

You want a professional to install the remote start to ensure that it works properly. Getting the remote start professionally installed will help keep your vehicle's warranty valid and will also provide you with a warranty to cover the professional installation of your remote car starter.

If you want to add a remote start to your vehicle, get the remote start professionally installed. Choose a starter that supports multiple features and functions, and make sure the starter has a long range for the best user experience.

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